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We offer Easy and Powerful VoIP Phone systems for Medical and Legal Practices located in Claremont and Western Suburbs. We offer Easy to use and Powerful VoIP Business Phone systems for Medical and Legal Practices located in Claremont and Western Suburbs. This year Telstra announced the end of sale and removal of their traditional phone systems. It is a time now to switch to new generation phone system. The Internet-based telephony is on the rise and predicted to reach US$1.6 Billion dollars.
Internet speeds have gone up since NBN roll-out. The majority of the Legal and Medical practices in Western Suburbs are already enjoying the benefits of National Broadband Network. The other areas of Claremont, Nedlands and Dalkeith are soon to be connected to the fast network. Get ready today!

What does it mean to you?

Legal firms and Medical Practices in Claremont will experience the great cost reduction from switching to new generation Business Phone System. Res-Q is able to save you up to 80% of the costs of a legacy PBX. One of our many recent project working for a legal firm we managed to dramatically reduce the Telecommunication expenses. From averaging $3000 it is now down to $550 flat fee per month.

The other benefits include:

  • World-class Phone System available in Claremont
  • Calls to mobile, National and 1300 are all included
  • Mobile App allows you to have your office phone in your pocket
  • Increasing the number of incoming lines is fast and easy

What do you need to know?

There are number of growing businesses in Western Suburbs who are embracing new VoIP technology. The majority of Business Owners that are not yet connected considering Pros and Cons of the new trend. The biggest fear is the cost of making a mistake while switching to something that is still in early stage of development. Res-Q started implementing and managing Business Phone Systems in 2010 using legacy copper lines. We have a proven track record in delivery quality solutions to business in the Perth region. Same as MP3s and its predecessors’ CDs, tapes and round tables, the VoIP Phone Systems are on the rise. From being the only alternative to making cheap calls overseas to a one of the fastest growing industry.
  • Check if your current phones were purchased outright or leased
  • Look up the model of your current headset and save money if compatible
  • Take a look at your current phone bill and note down the lines and associated phone numbers
  • Check if your internet speed. You are Phone System ready if ping is less than 15ms and you should have a good experience with VOIP

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