Wireless and Mobility

Provide an always-on, always-available network experience while accelerating your business. Get a highly secure network that is faster, more flexible, and easier to manage.
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A new era of networking for industries

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Mobility in Retail

Build customer loyalty from boutiques to restaurants, at home or on the go, the digital and mobile revolution is transforming the shopping experience.


Give your guests the gift of a connected venue. Shape the speeds for different streaming services and guest's password management


Provide campuses with robust and secure Wireless network to learn safe and without limits.

Property Management

We help to automate connect and monitor property access, intercoms, set up leak detecions and other smart maintenance devices


Factories of the future. We can connect your factory's HQ and branches to a single network to optimise data sharing.

Community Services

Making Community Services more efficient. Our wireless and mobility solutions will help you overcome the challenges of older IT systems

Reliable coverage and speed

Configured to suit your people, premises, and productivity needs. Safe and secure from online threats.
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Top internet providers Perth

Connect to the Internet

Res-Q Provides a Wide Range of Internet and Data services
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Opt Wide Range of Internet and Data services
wireless solutions for business

Res-Q IT are your one-stop Internet and data service partner. Fast and hassle free.

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We offer Easy and Powerful VoIP Phone systems for Medical and Legal Practices located in Claremont and Western Suburbs.

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