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Business automation, that helps you to stay ahead of the game!

Business automation, that helps you to stay ahead of the game

Business Automation Services for Small Business

Whether you choose payment automation, digital forms or smart tools, Res-Q can provide you with tried and true products and solutions which allow you to free up time, save money and work efficiently.

Global issue

Lack of time

Arising problems

Ability to stay engaged with ideal clients
Ability to develop systems and processes
Delegation of the routine tasks
Reactive approach to critical issues at hand instead of strategic planning
Speed up

Start from implementing simple tools to free up 20-30% of time.

Routine Automation

Automate routine follow up tasks.

Smart call

Use smart call system to manage your communications and track performance of your team.

Marketing improvements

Implement simple marketing automation system to nurture new and existing clients.

Business Automation Services for Medium and Large Business

Artificial Intelligence (Ai) can be an effective tool for medium to large businesses. By training a smart bot to perform repetitive tasks, recognise fake users and answer frequently asked questions, your team is free to focus on what is important – your clients and creative ideas. Plus, a Smart chat bot on your website can automatically sync across all of your policies, sales scripts and procedures, protecting your brand and reputation. Automating your call centre streamlines your processes and the computer will alert you if there’s a reason for the manager to step in.

Global issue

Visibility and ability to implement the change.

Typical problems

Legacy systems and infrastructure
Top-Heavy. Slow to implement changes
Budget concerns

What we offer


Learn the business and processes.

Weak spots search

Identify the areas for improvement.

Feasibility check

Develop Proof of Concept.

Motivated experts

Bring the IT Team with experience and passion to implement and deliver solutions with highest Return On Investment.

We develop solutions for

Oil and Gas

We listen to understand and provide intelligent business automation solutions and support.

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