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“Don’t you dare moving somewhere else” – said one of our clients who has been visiting our office since 2009. Back then we had a small office at the back of a Fancy Dress Shop on Stirling Hwy. And we promised not to. 

Later down the track, when they decided to start a new and exciting business venture, they came to get advice about the website email set up or phone system to use. And today, despite COVID, they have grown to a business with 21 people in their team.

The Res-Q IT ethos is to deal with one client at a time, and every client for life.

Home users don’t have the time or resources to worry about their computers, yet corporate support is too expensive to be practical. Our Business and Residential support teams share the knowledge between each other, to provide most up to date and professional advice to home users.
When people come to see us to find the best way to store family photos, or how to use iTunes Family Sharing feature – we don’t turn them down – we jump into action. 

Over the years our office got bigger. We become certified partners of brands such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, and others. We got recognised as Microsoft Apple and Ubiquiti technology partners. The certifications and our experience help us to resolve IT related issues and Rescue more People from Computer Problems.

We value your feedback

We believe that our great customer service is what set us apart. To achieve that we collect your feedback and set measures to learn where we can improve and learn how to serve you better. 

Now anyone can enjoy the same level of service and productivity as big corporations. The same skills we honed working for the big boys can help you work more quickly and effectively at home. We service each and every person with respect and patiece. We know how to resolve 98% Computer or Wi-Fi issues from our experience. As for the other 2% we find answers via our research and development.  For those who don’t want a slapdash, budget approach to home working, Res-Q is first choice.

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The Team at Res-Q Computer Services is here to help you. Our clients believe we go above and beyond to solve computer problems. Don’t wait – contact us today! 

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Address: 7/216 Stirling Hwy,
Claremont WA 6010, Australia

What we do:

You might be just an ordinary computer or Apple Mac owner who wants some help and advice, or perhaps you need help with smart home automation system.

  • We make computers fast. And we make fast computers
  • CyberSecurity for parents and kids, secure networks for Business And Home networks
  • Wireless Network Set up
  • Laptop screen repairs. Apple Mac or Windows.
  • One-on-One consultations
  • Virus Removal and Computer check if the computer was compromised.
  • Res-Q Protection Kit – backup, DNS Protection, Anti-phishing, antivirus and maintenance package.
Computer Repairs in Claremont and Western Suburbs
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Computer Repairs in Claremont and Western Suburbs

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