Cybersecurity DNS Protection

Cybersecurity DNS Protection helps to avoid falling victim of a phishing and malicious attacks by visiting the website that was set up to steal your identity information. DNS Filtering creates an additional layer of protection for your business and household by filtering unwanted content on per network or peer device level. 

Every time you visit the news webpage the code is executed connecting the page to other sources. This could be to exchange links with other sites, to gather statistics or else

  • allow certian categories on your network while blocking potentially harmful domains
  • Block webmail or chat groups  if necessary
  • disallow remote connection tools

Cyber protection has become the most important part of our life. As part of digitalisation our personal information is now available to cyber criminals all around the world. Some technologies developed with an intent to simplify lives are used by crackers to identify people by the photos posted on Social media. The phone switches got replaced by virtual numbers and messaging systems. Creating a virtual person with the real digital ID is a new reality. Your wallet is the primary target for the hackers. Protecting your assets is our goal. And our Protection Agent is the most sophisticated tool to protect your online presense.  

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Platinum Protection Agent

Includes all the features
$ 21
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Antivirus Agent (Ai driven)
  • DNS Protection and Filtering
  • Microsoft Patching and Security Updates