Cybersecurity DNS Protection

What it is:

Cybersecurity DNS Protection helps you avoid falling victim to a phishing and malicious attack by going to websites that are set up to steal your identity information. DNS Filtering creates an additional layer of protection for your business and your household by filtering unwanted content on a per-network or per-device level.

The console we use to monitor the threats:

Cybersecurity DNS Protection

How it works:

Every time your computer goes online, it connects to hundreds of internet resources without you knowing. Automatic software updates, Windows and Chrome notifications, Facebook and other Social media – a massive traffic that exposes you to potential threats. DNS filter and Protection Agent act as the inspector for every connection and check its classification to validate if the connection is genuine before allowing your computer to use it. This is similar to how metal detectors work at the airport.


  • Allow certian categories on your network while blocking potentially harmful domains
  • Block webmail or chat groups  if necessary
  • Disallow remote connection tools
  • Protection agent monitors your hardware health and performance
  • Sentinel One, Artificial Intelligence-driven Antivirus, protects from file-based viruses and intelligent enough to “undo” some of the actions that viruses could peform on your computer

Conclusion - Cybersecurity DNS Protection

Cybersecurity is very important in our lives. As we become more digital, our personal information is available to cyber criminals all over the world. Some technologies that were meant to simplify our lives are actually used by criminals to identify people. For example, face recognition platforms that harvest photos from social media and compare them with people on the street. The analogue phone systems got replaced by virtual numbers and messaging systems (WhatsApp, Telegram). Creating a virtual person from a real person’s digital ID is now a reality. Your wallet is the primary target for criminals. Protecting your assets is our goal, and our Protection Agent tool is the best way to do that online.

(*) If you didn’t know, the hackers (ethical professionals) are the people who explore systems’ vulnerabilitues and learn how to fix them. They work around the clock to protect you from the bad guys – the crackers. The crackers use the knowledge with malicious intent.

DNS protection is an important layer of protection for your computer and network. It acts as the barrier to links we don’t notice unless we pay attention to every click. The advertising banners, chrome pop-ups, news and links to the resources you expressed some interest to in the past could lead you to the phishing sites. DNS protection can help you enjoy online browsing without worrying about where the next click will take you

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Platinum Protection Agent

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  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Ai Driven Antivirus Agent
  • DNS Protection and Filtering
  • Microsoft Patching and Security Updates
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