.au direct domain names priority registration

.au direct domain names priority registration

Quick steps to register .AU domain

Login to your account

Login to your account and go to Domains menu at the top

Register the domain

Just type your domain name with .AU extension, for example: mycurrentname.au


Use your existing details, ABN and registered Business name during registration. Then submit the registration

.au direct domain names priority registration is coming March 24th

From March 24th 2022, Australians become eligible to purchase or apply for .au direct names priority registration (eg. yourdomain.au). These names will be for general use, meaning any person or organisation can register them if they meet the eligibility criteria of having an Australian presence. There are no rules about the domain needing to match business names, products or services.

Registrants who had pre-existing names in the .au namespace (eg, .com.au, .net.au, .org.au) are able to apply to obtain the matching .au direct name. The .au direct name is allocated according to the .au direct priority allocation process. If the name doesn’t already exist in the .au namespace, then the .au direct name can be purchased from the 24th of March 2022. Registrants of pre-existing domain names have until the 20th of September 2022 to submit their applications.

How do I apply for priority allocation through Rescue Account Portal?

If you submit a priority application through your account portal, you will be able to apply without a priority token supplied by auDA, provided that the qualifying domain is active in your account. You can still apply if you do not manage the qualifying domain through the portal, however you will need obtain the priority token. 

What requirements are needed to purchase a .au direct name?

To register a new .au direct domain name, you can use the same information we request for a normal .com.au, .net.au or .org.au. An ABN or an ACN will work fine.

We are looking to offer validation of .au direct domain names priority registration by supplying an Australian drivers licence or passport. However, this will most likely be an “opt-in” option only with additional charges per validation request you submit. We will communicate more information around this when we are closer to offering this service.

Why is this update important?

The .au domain extension is a good option for those who are looking to protect their brand name. If you have competitors with similar names, or want people in Australia and New Zealand confused about which site they should go on – you need to register!

How do I register?

The registration process for .com.au websites is simple and quick, with two categories depending on when you first registered your current Australian domain
•  Category 1: Existing Australian domain names registered on or before 4 February 2018
•  Category 2: Existing Australian domain names registered between 4 February 2018 and before 24 March 2022
Login to your account and apply for the domain registration

How do I secure my Brand and Domain?

Depending on how confident you are, you have three options:

1. Login to your online portal (RescueBackup) and register .AU domain directly. You will receive a certificate once the domain is successfully registered

2. You can also contact your account manager or fill out the contact form below to add .AU domain to your existing set up and set up an automatic forwarding to your website so that you don’t lose your SEO rankings or emails. The cost to set it up is $165 exclussive of GST

3. If you are on our Platinum Managed Services plan you don’t need to do anything as we take care of this process and set up the forwarding as part of our service 

.au direct domain names priority registration
Get ready! .au direct is coming March 24th
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