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Bitlocker prompts to enter the recovery key when PC reboots. It generally means the TPM module isn't working correctly or was modified

Bitlocker prompts to enter the recovery key when PC reboots meaning the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) settings were modified. The Bitlocker is a technology developed for Microsoft Windows operating systems to protect your data by an encryption key. To decrypt the data you need to enter the recovery key.

Why does it happen?

Generally it happens when computer Basic Input and Output System (BIOS) was updated and modified the encryption key that was used to protect your data. TPM module is controlled by the BIOS. You may notice that prior to the computer reboot some system or Windows updates were performed. Microsoft and Computer manufactures such as Lenovo, Hewlett Packard and other vendors issue the updates to improve system performance and stability. Some of the updates correct the code that was previously issued. When the purpose of an update is to fix some functions of the TPM module, or the update changes the structure of the BIOS that affects the TPM module, you may get the Bitlocker have an issue accessing your system.

What do I need to do?

To fix the issue you need to try and recover your key online. When you login to Windows for the first time, Windows registers your computer and links it to your account.  If you have Windows 10 or Windows 11, 95% you would have prompted to set up or connect your Microsoft ID to your computer login. If you didn’t do it, and when Bitlocker prompts to enter the recovery key, more likely you will need to restore your data from a backup.

Login to your Microsoft Personal or Business account, or call your IT Consultant to find our the details.

When you login to your account, click on the top right hand corner > My Microsoft account

Click on the device that is linked to your account and select:

That will reveal the magic number, the recovery key, that you enter to the Bitlocker recovery console.


How can you avoid it?

To avoid the issue with Bilocker that prompts to enter the recovery key, you need to make sure you do the following:

Confirm the bitlocker status

Check the status of the Bitlocker service. If you don’t need to have your files encrypted, then leave the bitlocker off. More information about how to check the status of the bitlocker service can be found here

Register your account

Register of Confirm your Microsoft account login details by going to end entering the email address. If the email address was registered you will be prompted to enter the password. If the email address wasn’t registered you could try an alternative email address or proceed with account registration

Open your account settings

When you link your computer login with Microsoft account you link your computer and register the recovery key. 

You can do it by simultaneously pressing Win + X on your keyboard and selecting Settings > Accounts > and then going to your Account & email settings. Alternatively, Click Here

Sign in with Microsoft account




Under Your Info, choose the option to Sign In with Microsoft Account

Check your Online account

Login to Microsoft portal. You should be able to see your computer listed on your account if you were successful. 

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