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Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool for organisations of all sizes. It’s an enterprise-grade platform that allows your team to collaborate, find stored resources and manage content efficiently in one centralised location – with security features like forms services (for data protection), excel service/access services as well user generated blogs & discussion forums which keep you up date on company news events.. 

Sharepoint online offers many benefits such as keeping teams syncronised via shared document libraries task lists calendars etc., looking professional through websites created by professionals who take pride themselves upon providing excellent customer service while also staying informed about their organization’s evolving needs

With the ability to collaborate, find stored resources and manage content more efficiently through centralised hosting on Microsoft Sharepoint Online; your team can work smarter not harder. This Enterprise Grade feature set includes forms services (like custom Visual Basic code), excel service(s) such as mail merge operations with ease – all in a highly secure environment that’s always available when you need it!

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Key benefits:

  • Keep teams in sync with shared document libraries, task lists and calendars with Team Sites
  • Look professional through a professional public facing website
  • Stay up to date on company news, events and business updates with Intranet Sites
  • Create up to 300 sites, with 10GB shared across your organisation and 500MB per USL
  • Set document-level permissions to protect sensitive content
  • Virus protection with Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint Online

Available plans:

Features SharePoint Online (Plan 1) $8.30 per licence per month SharePoint Online (Plan 2) $16.10 per licence per month
Team Sites Yes Yes
Simple Public-Facing Site 1 Basic Public facing site included 1 Basic Public facing site included
Site Designer (ribbon tool used to edit the simple public-facing site) Yes Yes
Sharepoint Designer 2010 Yes, for intranet sites Yes, for intranet sites
Custom Workflows Yes Yes
Sandbox Solutions (PTC) Yes Yes
My Site Yes Yes
Enterprise Features (Forms Services, Excel Services, Visio Services) No Yes
Access Services No Yes
Site Collections Up to 300 Up to 300
Search (across Site Collections) Yes Yes
Basic External Document Sharing Yes, first 50 free Yes, first 50 free
Storage 10GB + 500MB per USL 10GB + 500MB per USL

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