What is Softphone?

What is Softphone?

A softphone is the software that allows you to make or receive calls from your computer or tablet. Softphone software is offered as part of your Cloud Business Phone system. It has the same user-friendly interface that operates similarly to a regular phone – users can receive calls dial numbers from any location in the world. As long as you have the internet connection. Mute, hold, and transfer functions are also available on softphones. Imagine holidaying in Hawaii and be able to talk to your client here in Perth. And after sharing a few stories with the client, to be able to transfer the call to one of your colleagues, who just came back from holidaying at Fiji. 😊


Because upgrading your system is as simple as updating your software, softphones help you save money on hardware, phone service, and maintenance. Additionally, softphones allow you to make international calls for a fraction of the cost of making an international call the traditional method.

Employee presence:

The significant advantage of the softphone app is staff presence. One of the most important aspects of good call management is real-time presence. You will be able to view the availability of business associates in your network using a desktop softphone. They may also check if they are available and how to contact them.

Easy access to recorded calls

One significant advantage of softphones is that they make it easier to access recorded phone calls. Recorded calls, in example, are frequently accessed by simply clicking on a link to an internet file that is created automatically after each call. With the touch of a button, these links can be saved and shared.

The standard 3cx dashboard let you see the status of every call and manage queues from your desktop computer

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