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Home users don’t have the time or resources to worry about their computers, yet corporate support is too expensive to be practical. Would you like to enjoy business class levels of service, without breaking the bank?

Now anyone can enjoy the same level of service and productivity as big corporations. The same skills we honed working for the big boys can help you work more quickly and effectively at home. We treat each and every user as an individual and know how to end the frustration of home IT issues painlessly. For those who don’t want a slapdash, budget approach to home working, Res-Q is first choice.

We love and care about our locals. Most of our clients live or run the business in Western Suburbs. Our goal is to look after people and their computers, not only servicing the businesses. Providing residential computer repairs and consultancy services as well as looking after small and medium business makes our service model unique. 

You might be just an ordinary computer or Apple Mac owner who wants some help and advice, or perhaps you need a complex solution for a business problem. We’ve trained and worked with different computer brands such as Lenovo (we love Lenovo!), HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba and others. Being certified with Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, VMWare and other technologies helps us to resolve different issues for Residential and Business Client.

What we do:
  • We make computers fast
  • We protect parents and kids by securing their networks.
  • Patch black spots and make wireless work through the entire house
  • Laptop screen repairs. Apple Mac or Windows.
  • Computer Training for Parents and Seniors.
  • Virus Removal.
  • Res-Q Protection Kit – backup, DNS Protection, Anti-phishing, antivirus and maintenance package.
Our Happy Clients Say:
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Innovate to compete today and tomorrow.
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