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How to protect your computer – protection agent

How to protect your computer – protection agent

The protection agent is the set of tools or modules that Res-Q created to help you to stay safe and secure- in the cyber world. The software ensures that your data is protected from a failing hard drive and it guarantees that your computer is regularly updated and secured. In brief, the communications between your computer and the Internet are safe.

The protection agent does not protect you from such things as power outages but it does monitor the computer events that often go unnoticed. It also applies maintenance procedures and checks if backups have been completed successfully. Further, it provides Res-Q engineers with answers that help to resolve issues quickly. This can save you money.

We’ve noticed that many clients don’t understand the warnings and problems identified by standalone antivirus software. Nor do they know how to deal with them. It’s difficult to know which alert is important and which to ignore. As the result, Res-Q sees many infected computers and hard drives that have failed simply because clients have not heeded warnings. We’ve had people in tears begging us to restore their family photos from a failed hard drive. It is much better to prevent such disasters by having the system health monitored by a Res-Q technician who can deal with emergent problems.

It is impossible to have a dedicated computer professional to check and identify the state of your computer 24/7. That’s where the Protection Agent comes in.

How to protect your computer Protection agent
How to protect your computer Protection agent identifies the issue with the toner
Protection agent identified the memory and Windows Access Control service status.
Protection agent identified the Disk Usage and Windows Access Control service status.

The software checks for issues and raises the alarm 24/7. If there is a known solution the programme runs a set of commands that can heal the computer automatically. If the issue cannot be solved automatically the alarm reverts to a technician who can assess the matter and offer the client an appropriate actionable solution.

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